About us

Datta Dairy a symbol of trust form 1932 in the field of dairy products like Milk, Shrikhanda, Ghee etc. Datta Dairy was the brain child of Late grandfather Mr. Pandurang Changdev Rane. In the year 1932 he started Datta Dairy to support farmers in neighborhood. Poor and needy farmer use to bring their cows and buffalos to Mr. Rane, and he would happily do the milking process in the morning and distribute milk in the city of Jalgaon. He never compromised on the quality of the milk and hence gained much popularity in the city. Soon he broaden the scope of his business and increased the facility of milking. He incorporated more and more farmers into this and achieved overall progress and prosperity to farmer. He researched a lot and started developing quality products from milk like Buttermilk, Shrikhanda, Amrakhanda, Ghee, Curd, Rabdi, Basundi, Gulab jaam, Mava, Paneer, Pedhe, Ice Cream etc. After 83 years Datta Dairy still remains symbol of trust. It has widen its scope till the horizon. Datta Dairy is not only serving to the city of Jalgaon but also to all nearby cities. The organization still believes in the motto set by Late Pandurang Changdev Rane that is no compromise on the quality of milk and milk products. Now Datta Dairy has got all hi tech technology like pasteurization plant and homogenization plant where every drop of milk is processed to achieve quality standard, hygiene and safety. Datta Dairy group is now handled by Mr. Saillesh Rane.


Shrikhanda is a traditional sweet dish made with thickened and strained yoghurt, sweetened with sugar, flavoured with saffron or mango and garnished with nuts. Shrikhanda is the best selling product of Datta Dairy


Datta Dairy produces milk with hi-tech technology of pasteurization and homogenization. Milk is produced from cow as well as buffalo with different categories of cream and fat content.


Curds are a dairy product obtained by curdling (coagulating) milk. The coagulation can be caused by adding rennet or any edible acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar, and then allowing it to sit.